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Specially designed trucks and bonded distribution warehousing. Mediated communication between the importer/exporter and governmental authorities.

Forms & Schedules

CBSA GuidesCBSA Guides and Brochures
A comprehensive list of all publications by number. Publications provide information on a topic and/or instructions for filling out forms.

Courtesy of Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

Canada/US Border Wait Times

Canada/US Border Wait Times Estimated wait times when crossing the Canada/U.S. land border.

Updates to all border wait times across Canada on: Canada/US Border Wait TimesTwitter CBSA Wireless PortalWireless Device

Courtesy of Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

World Shipping Ports

Canada/US Border Wait Times Canada has 239 ports.
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Customs Brokerage Services & Consulting

IGL Customs Brokerage Services

lnter Global Logistics lnc. (lGL) has a customs brokerage operation covering all Canadian ports including Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. With 25 years expertise behind us, we are the acknowledged leaders in all commodities, import and distribution. We expeditiously handle freight of all kinds.

From the moment your shipment leaves its source to the moment it arrives at its destinalion, our computerized system of pre-alerts quickly rates, processes and customs clears it in the least amount of time. Our IGL customer service department keeps you up to date throughout all stages of movement.

We provide 24 hour availability to ensure efficient delivery of your merchandise.

Full Range of Customs Brokerage Services

  • Drawback
  • Exports Documentation Remissions
  • Refunds Claims Pre-Clearance
  • Bonded Warehouse Clearances
  • Customs and Excise Rulings
  • Amps Consulting
  • Deputy Minister Appeals
  • Across Entries

IGL also specializes in temporary imports for exhibitions and conventions.